Chimera Tool Samsung

  • Chimera Tool Samsung

  • We recommend the Chimera Tool Samsung license for users who only want to use the program to repair Samsung phones and do not want to use it for other brands of phones.

  • - Over 1,500 Samsung models are currently supported, covering over 99% of Samsung phones on the market
  • - The Chimera Tool Samsung license is valid for one year and includes unlimited use of most procedures (some procedures are only available with additional ChimeraTool credits). In addition, this license includes access to every ChimeraTool software update that we publish during the license period
  • - When you purchase this license you only get the license - additional credits, if needed, can be purchased separately
  • - To activate the Samsung module in your user name, enter the correct user name
  • - To activate the Samsung module in Chimera Authenticator, enter the serial number

  • How to buy:
  • 1. Register at (if you are buying for the first time)
  • 2. Provide your username at checkout
  • 3. We will notify you by email when your order is successfully completed
  • 4. Download Chimera Tool Samsung


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