LU T2 Tethered iCloud Bypass MacBook BridgeOS 7.4 & up 8.x (ECID ORDERS)


This is a Bypass for All T2 intel Macs from 2018 to 2020
Works with BridgeOS 7.4+ & up (8.x 9.x)

-installing latest OS Sonoma ✅
-shutdown & restart from menu✅
-factory reset from disk utility✅
-iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime✅
-BootCamp/Windows ✅
-Touch ID unlock✅

-Force Shutdown from power button ❌
-OS OTA updates ❌
-if battery dead for hours ❌

if you happen to do one of the ❌ you will need to do the unlock again on my app, your files are Safe.

LU T2 Tethered bypass 7.5+

1- Restore locked mac to latest bridgeOS using Apple configurator 2, after restore done turn on mac to globe “no need to enter wifi”
2- Open LU T2 Tethered app
3- Enter DFU mode & Register ECID
4- Click Bypass button & wait till finish
5- read App pop-up to install OS

Enjoy !!!

so far the limits are
-Force Shutdown from power button ❌
-if battery dead for hours❌

if you happen to do one of the ❌ you will need to do the Start button on our app & turn on Mac you will be back at desktop, Files & OS are safe.


Delivery time: 1-5 minutes

Bulk orders allowed: Yes

Order type: Custom

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: API