LU-Open Menu IOS 12-17.X.X (Windows Tool)

    • Important: Please read carefully before proceeding to install our software on Windows 64-bit

    • Link to all programs (ZIP password: LU-OPENMENU2042):
    • Video instruction:

    • Instructions:
    • 1. Check if your device is supported or not (If Game Center asks for a password, iCloud storage is not loading or Apple ID is locked your device is not supported)
    • 2. Place an order using the Serial Number and APPLEID email
    • 3. Download the Elcomsoft program at the link provided and install it using the included cracker
    • 4. Make sure to delete all photos, videos and apps from your phone before creating a backup to reduce the backup size
    • 5. Connect your device to Wi-Fi and disable Game Center. Then turn Game Center back on, disable Wi-Fi and turn on Airplane mode
    • 6. Back up your device using iTunes or 3uTools. Set the backup password to '1234'
    • 7. Open the Elcomsoft program and select the backup in your keychain
    • 8. Go to DSIDs & Tokens, then click 'Export Selected Category' on the right side of the application. Save the exported file to Documents on your computer
    • 9, Open the LU-Open program, go to the menu and click "Remove". After removing, check FMI in any FMI ON/OFF check service

    • Benefits:
    • - Automatically read tokens and Apple ID: Our software automatically retrieves tokens and Apple ID, saving you from having to manually enter them (remember to clear your device of photos/videos, contacts, apps to reduce the backup size, and export the backup to Documents on your computer)
    • - One-Click Erase: Easily erase your device with one click, without having to restore or download IPSW files.
    • - One-Click Remove FMI Off: Remove Find My iPhone with a single click, no proxy or additional tools required
    • - All necessary files are available here: [Link to download all the necessary files and software]
    • Zip file password: LU-OPENMENU2042

    • Note:
    • - Make sure the process is quick, as the tokens expire after 8 minutes
    • - If Game Center asks for a password, iCloud storage does not load or Apple ID is locked device is unsupported

    • Supported iOS versions: iOS 12 - 17.4.1 and later

Delivery time: 1-5 minutes

Bulk orders allowed: No

Order type: Serial number

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: API