iCloud Open Menu Removal for iPhone 8/8+/X/SE2

  • Supported:
  • - Open menu only (have access to device settings)
  • - All iPhone/iPad/iPod models
  • - Any iOS, all versions

  • Not Supported:
  • - Device is bypassed with Bypass
  • - iCloud storage is not displayed/loaded
  • - Game Center cannot turn on or off (asks for Apple ID password)
  • - Apple ID password has been changed
  • - Device on Hello screen (Activation Lock)

  • Before ordering:
  • - iCloud storage should load in color, should not crash (check this before all settings and before ordering)
  • - Apple ID should not be deactivated and locked
  • - The "Game Center" slider in iCloud should turn on/off without asking for Apple ID password
  • - The device should show up in the device lists in Apple ID
  • - Be sure to check this before ordering and following all instructions

  • If your device fits the above conditions for Open Menu, you can proceed with the FMI removal process

  • Video instruction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgUqLPtzK3Q

        • FMI Removal Instructions:

        • 1. Place an order through Serial Number
        • 2. Settings - Wi-Fi (DISCONNECT FROM NETWORK, DO NOT CONNECT) - click on the small (i) in the circle to the right of your network
        • 3. Scroll to the very bottom - "Configure Proxy" - select "Manual"
        • 4. Server:
        • Port: 1120
        • - Enter the IP and Port in the "Server" and "Port" fields, click "Save" and connect to this Wi-Fi network
        • 5. Open Safari - in the search bar type - chls.pro/ssl
        • 6. Click on FiddlerRoot certificate and click "Allow"
        • 7. Go to "Settings" - "Basic" - scroll to the very bottom and select "VPN and Device Management" - click under the downloaded profile - install it
        • 8. Go back to general settings - click "About" - scroll to the very bottom and click "Certificate Trust Settings" - enable "Charles proxy root certificate February 15, 2024" - click "Continue"
        • 9. Now go back to Apple ID - select iCloud - then show all - and under Game Center turn it off and on - wait for the ⚙️ processing icon to disappear and Done
        • 10. Check FMI with any FMI: OFF/ON disconnect the device from Wi-Fi and flash it via 3utools or iTunes

Delivery time: 1-5 minutes

Bulk orders allowed: Yes

Order type: Serial number

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: API