Welcome to our website UNLOCK-OFF.COM

We are offering to you: 

– Service check of information on Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung devices

– Apple Unlock Services by Apple ID CLEAN, LOST

– Services for unlocking Xiaomi CLEAN, LOST

– Services for unlocking devices from telecom operators

– Unlock services for Samsung Google FRP, Huawei, Honor FRP Key

– Credits and activations for other programs

– Wi-FI, Bluetooth, Mac addresses

  • How to use our website and services:
    • 1. Register on the site using the mail that will receive a letter with a link to activate your future account
    • 2. Log in to your account and add credits/funds: "Account" - "credits" using the proposed payment methods, or replenish your personal account through the administrator
  • 3. At the top, click on the "Place an order" - "Place an order" tab, select a service, enter the data requested by the system and place an order
  • 4. You can track your order in the "Order History" tab, or by mail
  • 5. After a completed/rejected order, you will receive a notification about the order by mail, or you can see a notification in the panel

  • - You can withdraw the balance of funds from your personal account only after half a year. After replenishing the balance, you can order the service, and if the order is canceled, you can order another service in the future, or order the same service again later
  • - It is not possible to cancel an order if it is being processed through the system/API, since they are processed automatically. You can only cancel a manual order, which is processed by the administrator himself
  • - Make sure you have specified the correct IMEI/Serial before ordering. If indicated incorrectly, the funds will not be refunded
  • - In some cases, there may be a delay in orders through the API, it depends on the supplier, please be patient
  • - There is no refund for the ordered service if you ordered the same service from another provider and he provided the service faster. Place orders with one provider
  • - If you block it again, the funds will not be refunded. Remember your logins and passwords after unlocking and do not share them with anyone

  • Our price groups: 
  • – User (regular retail prices)
  • Partner Lite (3-5% discount): when replenishing the balance from 350$
  • Partner Pro (5-10% discount): when replenishing the balance from 650$
  • Partner Super (10-20% discount): when replenishing the balance from 4000$
  • Partner Mega (40-50% discount, access to new services and programs in test mode): when replenishing the balance from 20000-40000$

  • These payments are added to your personal account and prices will decrease for you.

  • Additional information:
  • - If you want to connect to our API, go to "Account" - "Settings" - "API Settings" or contact the administrator
  • - If your order was not processed, an error occurred or the service is unavailable, contact the administrator